For All

Anyone Anywhere Any Age can learn to swim, it's easy when you know how.

Do you have Aquaphobia

Do you wish you could swim?

Do you wonder what you are missing when you see the children playing in the pool on holiday? Are you very nervous of the water and wonder if you could ever beat the fear?

Then read on.

Many adults who cannot swim may now believe that it is no longer possible for them to master the waves of a swimming pool. This belief is of course not true as EVERYONE has the ability to float independently, they just have to master the techniques of moving around safely. What’s more YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IT !

I have over 25 years experience of teaching nervous adults, (Now known as Aquaphobia), it is important to conquer the fear before you can progress to swimming and I have studied and have experience of the phsycological barriers that usually get in the way of the learning.

Founded by Christine Thompson FIOS (CC) MSTA

I aim to find swimming lessons for all abilities and ages and at all levels of Skill including competitive. If my organisation can’t fit your requirements then I will try very hard to get you accommodated somewhere else that can, as I have forged links with other organisations in the local area.